increase sense of safety and security

we strive to improve community safety and create a sense of security

CTC is committed to increasing the sense of safety and security in Edmonton’s Chinatown. By strengthening the safety and security within the area, our goal is to contribute to a more vibrant and inclusive area. 

In order to create this increased sense of security for the members of the community and visitors, CTC has begun some initiatives in partnership with Edmonton Chinatown Safety Council, REACH Edmonton Council for Safe Communities, and McCauley Revitalization.  One such initiative was a safety audit conducted in the area that resulted in a number of projects such as community patrols and installing motion-activated lights in areas where alleyways meet businesses. 

There are ongoing, volunteer driven Chinatown Litter Cleanups held every second Saturday of the month to help bring members of the community together to help the neighbourhood make it cleaner and safer, in real and perceived terms. Future projects will include running temporary shelters to help community members in need and to run safety workshops.