the Chinatown Strategy

The Chinatown Strategy provides a framework of actions for the CTC and other organizations to follow. It directly addresses the recommendations established in the Chinatown Economic Development Plan and Urban Interface Plan

These actions and directives include programming and placemaking recommendations that support a thriving and resilient Chinatown.

These actions are intended to interact in a complementary manner to collectively contribute to Chinatown’s vibrant future in a variety of ways.  The strategy, set around five strategic pillars, encapsulates best practices for community economic development that is integrated and inclusive, addressing the expressed needs of the community.

The Strategy is guided by five pillars:

Improve sense of safety and security
Strengthen safety and security in Chinatown to contribute to a strong sense of a vibrant and inclusive place.  

Focused economic development
Catalyze an environment for renewed interest and investment in chinatown.

Governance and community leadership network
Implement the Chinatown strategy through leadership, shared responsibility and resourcing.

Celebrating Chinatown as a destination
Highlight Chinatown as an exciting destination that is treasured by residents and visitors.

Enhance built form and landmarks
Leverage the buildings, landmarks and streetscapes of Chinatown.

These five pillars are the backbone of all the work CTC does. Our current projects and advocacy efforts are centred around this strategic plan.