making Chinatown a destination

we aim to make chinatown a vibrant visitor destination by investing in our heritage and our culture

A thriving and beautiful destination centred around food and culture is a future that CTC hopes to attain in our Chinatown. We aim to position Chinatown as an exciting place that delivers a unique cultural experience, treasured by both residents and visitors alike.

To achieve this, we are creating a unified Chinatown branding strategy to support all business and cultural attractions in the area, and have improved our social media presence.

Our street facing office is active and open where our staff and volunteers are supporting Chinatown centred events such as “40 Under 40” 事事顺利, and community organizations like ASSIST in planning a Chinatown Prom.

Future projects will include creating a tourism strategy, including a guided tour and information centre, launching a Chinatown Museum and Storytelling Centre, and preserving our history in a Chinatown Oral History Project. We also plan to have markets and pop-ups to help local businesses thrive. To promote all these projects, we plan on developing a thorough marketing plan with “Chinatown as a Destination” banners on Edmonton’s public transportation and in other locations.