focused economic development

we are improving economic development and creating a business community by investing in our heritage and culture

A prospering economic environment is a large part of our vision for Chinatown’s future. Our goal is to support Chinatown’s business community and catalyze interest and invest in our community. A key role is to support the Chinatown Business Improvement Area and its mandates. Utilizing the spaces and opportunities available to us, we are looking at initiatives that will support existing and new economic development in the area. 

One such initiative includes a partnership with The Downtown Farmer’s Market, which now houses the “Little Chinatown” activation site with stalls promoting Chinatown and local businesses.  Other initiatives include pop-up markets in spaces such as the Pacific Rim Mall, Hull Block, and the BMA Building. We are also working towards a landlord database to support economic development via easily shared information and advocating for lower property taxes for our community members.

Our future plans include creating a neighbourhood plan with an optimal tenant mix, creating pitch decks for potential investors and tenants, as well as engaging with Edmonton community development companies.