built form and landmarks

we are dedicated to creating a beautiful and renewed chinatown that preserves its unique character and charm

We aim to leverage the unique landmarks, buildings, and streetscapes of Chinatown to create a beautified commercial destination. While doing so, we hope to preserve the distinct character of Chinatown’s cultural mainstreet expression.

Key design opportunities in Chinatown have been captured in the Chinatown Urban Interface Plan and the CTC seeks to support and further these visions.  The CTC is currently working with the City of Edmonton’s Neighbourhood Renewal Program to advocate for the visions to be incorporated, where possible, in the road right of way improvements currently being assessed. This includes advocating for decorative light standards, making Chinatown greener with cherry blossoms on key pedestrian streets, and getting more active transportation infrastructure such as bike racks and bike lanes.

The CTC has also started the process of creating an artist directory in partnership with Chinatown Greetings, an artist-centred community project and fundraiser movement that  centres around Chinatown, and encouraging more public art in the area. This includes possible murals, one of which being on the Pacific Rim Mall. 

CTC’s long-term vision is to also celebrate some of the landmarks, from the existing notable heritage buildings in the area to the reinstatement of the Harbin Gate.